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Our country has very high innovation potential.  However, the conversion ratio from innovation to the marketable product is very low. There are various programmes to support innovative ideas to prototype development or to provide financial assistance for scale up / commercial production.  However, on many occasions it has been found that there exists a gap between the prototype and commercialization. It is difficult for the innovators to mobilize commercialization funds in the absence of proper hand holding, guidance and support towards testing / validation of technology, information / exposure to market opportunities etc. In innovation life cycle, this is called 1st Valley of Death and a significant number of innovations die at this stage itself.

A study undertaken under National Innovation Programme (NIP) project funded by World Bank in 2008, highlighted the need of systematic government support to create a network of "Technology Commercialization Agencies" in the country. Further, on the basis of experience gained during the implementation of TePP (Technopreneur Promotion Programme) during 1998 – 2008, it was revealed that most of the times innovations are not able to reach the market as either the proto types developed are not market ready or the innovator does not have understanding / access / feedback of the market.

Programme Overview:

Technology Refinement and Marketing Programme (TREMAP) has been a unique programme of TIFAC, which was launched during 2009 on a pilot basis for supporting Indian innovations towards making them Investment Ready. The objective of the programme was to establish an enabling ecosystem in the country to facilitate linkages of innovative technologies with the market. The support was provided to select innovations through a network of Technology Commercialization Facilitators (TCFs) by facilitating activities like:

•    Market Assessment
•    Business Plan
•    Testing and Trials
•    Technology Validation and Certification
•    Minor Refinements
•    Technology Showcasing
•    Industry Feedback
•    Technology Transfer / Licensing Facilitation etc.

31 innovations had been supported under the programme during its pilot phase (2009-2014) and 10 of them have been commercialized (technology transfer / collaboration / distributorship agreements signed). In addition, a total of 16 high potential innovations (wherein Indian Patent has been granted) have been awarded with “National Award for Commercializable Patent” under TREMAP during the years 2011-12 and 2013-14.


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