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A Technology Roadmaps for an industrial sector begins by identifying the ‘drivers’ of technology demand in the sector, by looking at current and potential growth areas. This involves the formulation of a shortlist of technologies that are critical to its growth. TIFAC has helped in the development of such roadmaps, notably in the automotive sector and is in the process of developing ones for other important industrial segments like textiles. A good technology roadmap calls for a concerted and high level of academia-industry-interaction. Typically in a roadmap, the shortlist of technology options, initially developed by academia/public R&D system, is prioritized by industry into trade-linked short, medium & long term requirements. The document clearly brings out the project specific technology development activities that could be undertaken by TIFAC or other agencies. Such developmental works could assume different implementation routes, such as a bilateral arrangement between companies and technology provider, multi-institutional pre-competitive projects, or simply directed basic research work supported by a government agency.