Enzymes Immobilised and genetically engineered

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Summary  : The relevance of enzymes in biotechnology is examined and preferred policy options and action plan is given.
The options are based on the existing and emerging market trends. For current technologies and future developments, the use of genetic engineering methods for improvement in production of enzymes alongwith their immobilization techniques have been recommended.
The broad uses are for industrial therapeutic and molecular biology. Various applications in these areas are dealt with.
The need for immobilization which is to protect the enzyme and various techniques that have been developed are discussed in detail.

Table Of Contents:

  • Biotechnology
  • an overview
  • Enzymes
  • An overview
  • enzymes
  • Properties and applications
  • World market
  • Indian enzymes market enzymes immobilization technologies
  • Commercially available immobilization preparation
  • R-DNA and enzyme engineering enzyme engineering
  • Scale up of immobilised and genetically engineered enzymes
  • Down stream processing
  • World Status
  • Technology gaps
  • Current research areas
  • Technology options
  • Recommended action plan.