On Select Surface Treatment Processes

Code No: TMS053 Price: 1000 Category: Materials & Chemicals: Metals


Summary  : The future market for surface treatment process which are not used in India are given alongwith the economies of introducing them.

Table Of Contents :

  • IntroductionProcess
  • technology profile
  • Current technology status India/global
  • Current infrastructure status
  • Process technology evaluation
  • Future market prospects in India
  • Recommended action plan. Annexures Typical characteristics of diffusion treatments,
  • End user Industry growth size, Market estimates of processed by end use industry,
  • commercially available modified aluminide coatings,
  • Typical commercial overlay coatings, vapour Deposition Techniques for Compound Films, Comparison of Plasma assisted deposition processes,
  • Hybrid processes currently used for material synthesis,
  • Surface Treatments for Tools,
  • List of Contracts, major suppliers of vacuum equipment.