Solar Photo Voltaic Industry (as of source of energy in rural environment)

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1. Need for providing continuing long term support in terms of technical development, R & D, information and dissemination, training, demonstration, financing and market support etc.
2. Establishment of appropriate organisation structure and coordination linkages between various agencies.
3. Implementation of innovative long term finance-cum-leasing support for the use of PV systems in rural areas.
4. To review the policies and programmes of rural electrification through reflecting the real cost of providing electricity.
5. Need for reforms in the methods of granting subsidies.
6. Creation of favorable business environment through direct marketing approaches.
7. Need to change the system of Governments promotion effort by prompting the nodal agencies to buy complete system from one agency.
8. To organize financial arrangements of PV systems similar to hire purchase schemes.
9. Need to put in vigorous R & D & technology development in multicrystalline solar cells.
10. Setting up of a pilot plant for polycrystalline thin film cells.
11. Expansion of research and development in the end use devices.
12. Need for correct site specific approaches to the engineering designs.
13. Need to improve the quality of BOS and other components.
14. Ensuring a satisfactory after sale service.
15. Disemination of procedures for routine maintenance among actual users.
16. Laying down of minimum standards for various PV systems.
17. Establishment of National PV Test center.
18. Institutionalizing systems for feed back from users.
19. Removal of import duty o module materials.
20. Equal emphasis on both rural and urban markets.
21. Scutinise the PV products based on long term life cycle cost concepts.
22. Introducing in order of priority the following PV systems

1. Telecommunication
2. Refrigeration
3. Drinking water
4. Lighting
5. Pumping