Recycling plastic waste

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Summary  : The technology used for recycling and recovery of plastic are detailed in this report and its impact in the Indian context is considered. This also covers the equipments need and applications for the process.

Year of Publication : 1993

Table Of Contents : 

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Plastic in India
  • Importance of recycling
  • Plastic waste recycling in total waste disposal
  • Collection systems
  • Sorting
  • Reprocessing: Technical Aspects
  • Reprocessing: Scrapreclamation
  • Reprocessing: Generic Plastic Waste Recycling
  • Waste to energy: Incererators
  • End products
  • Chemicals from plastic wastes
  • Material grade classification
  • Action plan for India
  • Identification testing and evaluation of plastic and rubbers
  • Bibliography