Technologies for Retrofitting existing buildings and structures to make them earthquake resistant

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1. Introduction>>REFERENCES

2. Seismic Evaluation Of Existing Buildings
2.1 Introduction 2.2  Seismic Evaluation of Buildings, 2.3 Acceptable Risk and Performance Objectives 2.4 Performance Based Design 2.4.1 Performance Levels 2.5   Seismic Hazard 2.5.1 Levels of Seismic Hazard 2.5.2 Seismic Hazard Analysis Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis (DSHA) 2.6  Seismic Evaluation Phases 2.6.1 Rapid Visual Screening (RVA) 2.6.2 Simplified Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) 2.6.3 Detailed Vulnerability Assessment (DVA) 2.7 Sytematic Evaluation of Existing Buildings 2.7.1 Visual Inspection and study of available documents 2.7.2 Detailed in-situ investigation In-Situ Testing Methods For Masonry In-Situ Testing Methods For Concrete>>Test for assessment of structural performance and integrity, Tests for assessment of in-situ quality, Tests for concrete strength, Tests for concrete quality, durability and deterioration, Tests for detecting corrosion of reinforcement and pre-stressing steel 2.8 Detailed Analysis For Earthquake Forces 2.8.1 Mathematical Modelling for Linear Analysis of Buildings>> Frame-Shear Wall Buildings, Modelling of Shear walls, Modelling of Finite Size of Joints, Modelling of  Coupled Shear Walls, Modelling of In-fills, Equivalent Plane Frame Modelling, Space Frame Modelling with Rigid Floor Transformation, Tubular Buildings 2.8.2 Mathematical Modelling for non-linear analysis>> FEMA Beam Element, FEMA Column Element, Modelling of Shear Walls, General wall element 2.8.3 Linear Analysis Methods>> Codal Procedure, Demand-Capacity Radio (DCR) Method, Linear static Procedure (LSP) and Linear Dynamic Procedure (LDP) 2.8.4 Non-Linear Analysis >> Basic Difficulty, Capacity, Demand, Conversion to ADRS Spectra, Calcuation of Displacement Demand

3. Retrofitting Materials
3.1 General 3.2 Injection Grouts 3.2.1 Cement-Sand Grounts 3.2.2 Gas-Forming Grounts 3.2.3 Sulfoaluminate Grounts 3.2.4 Fibre-Reinforced Grounts 3.2.5 Polymer Grounts 3.2.6 Injection Procedure 3.3 Bonding agents 3.4 Replacement and Jacketing Materials 3.4.1 Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete and Mortar 3.4.2 Shotcrete 3.4.3 Polymer Modified Concrete and Mortar 3.4.4 Steel Plate Bonding 3.4.5 Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP)