Post Harvest Technology : Silk Reeling

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Summary  : The study covers only the traditional areas of silk producing districts of Karnataka. 60% of mulberry silk produced in India comes from the state and the reeling activities are concentrated in the district of Bangalore, Kolar and Mysore.
All types of reeling methods – Charaka, Cottage basin and filature reeling units are reviewed and the performances of machines used for reeling are compared.
Complete details of silk reeling processes viz. cocoon drying, sorting, cooking, brushing, reeling, skinning and baling are given. The technologies in use are compared with those recommended as referred ones.
The economics of silk reeling on traditional charaka and two improved charakas, are given for a unit with complete break-up of all expenditure and revenues. Similar details are worked out for reeling on cottage basin, multi-end reeling basins and mini-failure multi-end reeling basins. Strategies for developments of sericulture are outlined in the report.


Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Sericulture and Silk reeling
  • Present status of raw silk production technology
  • Technological options and assessment
  • Economics of silk reeling
  • Technological options and spin offs
  • strategies for development and agencies for implementation
  • Conclusions and recommendations