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Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, TIFAC is an autonomous organization under Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. The sealed quotations (Two bid system) are invited from Firms/companies /agencies having experience of providing Annual maintenance Contract for Fire Alarm Addressable System make (Honey Well Morley-4 loop panel) in reputed organizations of PSU/ State Govt./Central Govt. with the following details system is working in TIFAC.






Fire Alarm System (Addressable System) Microprocessor Based 4 loops Networkable

Honey  Well   Morley



Analog Addressable Detector type optical smoke detector with mounting based as required.

Honey  Well  Morley



Analog Addressable rate of rise com fixed temperature detector with mounting based LED

Honey   Well Morley



Addressable Manual Pull Station

Honey  Well Morley



Addressable control Module for Speaker and AHU etc.

Honey  Well Morley



Response indicator with two LED complete




Addressable Hooter

Honey  Well Morley



Scope of Work

Please note that the Fire Alarm Addressable System is spread over six floors of A-Wing, Vishwakarma Bhawan.

The Contracting Agency /successful bidder shall render the following activities /works / checks will be covered by the firm’ staff on fortnightly/ monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly basis and would be submitted the satisfactory report.

(i)     AMC services shall include all kind of preventive and corrective maintenance.
(ii)    Check the power supply positions in control panel.
(iii)  Check the LED of panel through lamp test switch. Check any fault if indicated on any of the panels and rectify the same immediately.
(iv)   Check of bell and siren for its proper working.
(v)    Operational readiness of the entire system during mains failure.
(vi)   Performance of the hooters.
(vii)  Performance and manual cleaning of manual call points, panels, hooters hydrant box, smoke detectors etc.
(viii) Check Fault circuit of each zone by actually disconnecting the wire by removing a detector.
(ix)   Checking / servicing of valve, panels etc
(x)    Greasing of valves, checking of couplings.

General Terms and Conditions:-


  1. Bidders are advised to study carefully the terms and conditions before quoting their bid.  All the pages should be signed by the bidder as a token of acceptance.
  2. Financial bids would be opened only those vendors whose technical bids are qualified.
  3. Earnest money of Rs.5000/- may please be deposited along with the Technical bid in the form of DD/ Pay order drawn in favour of TIFAC and payable at New Delhi.
  4. The firm / Agency should be Delhi-NCR based.  A documentary proof to be attached along with quotation to be submitted.
  5. The service provider shall attend any breakdown & emergency call immediately.
  6. Regular servicing & inspection of the equipments should be carried out at least once in a month preferably during 1st week of the month by the service provider. Cost of spares & consumables etc. shall be included in the quoted rates. However, if some parts are broken due to some accident/ fall of roof in TIFAC, the cost of the part would be borne by TIFAC but the necessary repair work would be done by the service provider with in the quoted rates.
  7.  The service provider shall perform preventive maintenance to the equipments mentioned in scope of work and its accessories as per service manual provided by the OEM.
  8. Maintenance of Fire Alarm system in the areas under this contract the maintenance agency (contractor/ firm) shall be solely responsible to keep the system serviceable at all the time.
  9. The firm/ contractor will engage trained and experienced technical staff and helpers, headed by a qualified supervisor for undertaking maintenance services/ jobs.
  10.  The service will be attended within 24 Hrs.
  11. Financial bid shall be submitted separately on the letter head.
  12. The Firm/Agency should not have been blacklisted by any Central/State Government/Public Sector.
  13. Documentary proof of having three years of experience in this business should be attached with the Tender.
  14. The person signing the tender document on behalf of the Tenderer or on behalf of the firm, shall attach with the tender a proper power of authorization letter which will be duly verified by TIFAC before giving the contract.
  15. The bidders should be Honeywell Authorised.
  1. Validity of Contract - The AMC will be initially for a period of two years, which is  extendable for another year, if required, depending on satisfactory fulfilment of all “Terms & Conditions“ of the Contract agreement and on mutually agreed Terms & Conditions. However, the AMC may be terminated at any time before the expiry of Contract agreement, depending on the requirement/ performance of the service provider.
  1. Completed & signed bids may be sent to In-charge, F&A TIFAC, Á’ Wing, Vishwakarma Bhawan, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi-110016 latest by March 12th 2018. The sealed cover should be Super scibed as “Quotation for Annual Mainenance Contract for Fire Alarm Addressable System”.
  2. Conditional/ hypothetical/incomplete bid will not be accepted.



  • No advance shall be paid for the work.
  • The rates quoted shall include all applicable taxes.
  • The payment will be made on half yearly basis after satisfactory report.
  • Nothing extra shall be paid on account of consumables.

                                                                                            (In-charge, F&A)   

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