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Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) is an autonomous organization set up in 1988 under the Department of Science & Technology to look ahead in technologies, assess the technology trajectories, and support technology innovation by network actions in select technology areas of national importance.In 1993, TIFAC embarked upon the major task of formulating a Technology Vision for the country in various emerging technology areas. The outcome of the Technology Vision 2020 exercise led to the set of 17 documents, including sixteen technology areas and one on services.
  • TREMAP - National Awards to Commercializable Patents
     "National Awards to Commercializable Patents" under TREMAP, TIFAC – List of AwardeesSr.No.  Name of Patent Name of Patent Holder  1.Improved grinding machine for paste and powder making in wet and dry condition of soft material Sh. Natrajan Rayer 2.Devise for mitigating shock waves and induced forces during explosions Sh. Adess Singh  3.Renew compression screw Dr. Pathak Kartikeya Pranjivan  4.Miniature solar photovoltaic modules and process for their manufacture Sh. Anupam Baral  5.Rubberized Coir Mattress and a Process for their Preparation Sh. Kankaria Kundan Zumerlal & Mrs. Kankaria Smita Kundan  6.Carpet Structure method of manufacture thereof Sh. Vikas Katyal  7.An Automatic Energy Monitoring System Sh. Bharat Kishore Gupta  8.Endodontic Instrument for Root Canal Sterilization Sh. Vijayan Ravikumar  The award function is expected to be organized during February 2012 at New Delhi. 
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