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The role of technology development in the economic progress of a nation is being increasingly recognised. Efforts are being made globally to develop technology strengths and firms are becoming more and more competitive. The developing countries especially have shown a marked risein the pace of economic growth.The trends indicate that there is likely to be a shift in economic power towards the third world countries in the 21st century.

To become an economic power, technology and economy need to be considered in an integrated manner rather than as separate entities. With the opening up of economy, Indian industry needs to be globally competitive. Hence,  "what is required is a clear vision of what can be achieved and how best to achieve it".  The Indian Industry will have to support the nation in acquiring economic leadership and progress by 2020.  The foundation of this leadership will depend to a great extent on the technological excellence of the firms.

TIFAC had taken up the challenge of delivering a Technology Vision for India for 2020 to provide directions for national initiatives in Science & Technology and a strong basis for a policy framework not only for investment but also for the development of an integrated science and technology policy both at the state(s) and national levels.

In actual working , with sub panels and sub groups Technology Vision 2020 exercise covered more than 100 sub areas directly involving around 500 members from Industry, Government, R&D Institutions and Academia in the studies, and indirectly involving around 5000 nation wide experts from Industry , Government, R&D Institutions and Academia through questionnaries, interviews etc.

Out of 17 task forces and panels, 10 were headed by experts from Industry, 5 from R&D Institutes, and 2 from the government. Each task force had , a chairperson,a co chairperson, and a coordinator along with other members & experts apart from others who took part in this exercise.