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Technology Foresight for Automotive Research (TFAR) E-mail

TIFAC coordinated Collaborative Automotive Research, an initiative of the Prinncipal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, during 2004-2010.

The CAR Technology Roadmap was published in March 2006, and subsequently CAR successfully demonstrated the model ofBAS-010 collaborative technology development in consortia mode. 11 consortia projects were implemented successfully. The model has been accepted by the stakeholder ministry. The concept of the pre-competitive technology development consortia1Z1-202 has now been accepted by stakeholder ministries. With successful demonstration of this model, TIFAC activities in the automotive sector required a to refocus on TIFAC's role of being a technology think-tank,

Accordingly, the programme was reformulated in December 2012.


Nature of Activities

TIFAC Contribution in these areas will span the following

  • Technology Foresight, Assessment and Roadmap for Auto Sector
  • Creating a network of automotive researchers
  • Catalysing and nucleating collaborative technology development efforts

Focus Areas

Initially following focus areas have been identified

  • Electric Mobility
  • Lightweight Design and Manufacturing
  • Accessible Transportation