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Technology Foresight for Automotive R&D (TFAR) E-mail


  • Technology Foresight, Assessment and Roadmapping in automotive/ transportation sector
  • System level studies,  life-cycle impacts, benefits and costs, infrastructural requirements
  • Future demand of materials and other resource for emerging technology options
  • Catalysing and nucleating collaborative technology development efforts in automotive/ transportation sector

Projects/ Studies


R&D Plan for the National Mission on Electric Mobility

The Department of Heavy Industry requested TIFAC to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the R&D Scheme under NMEM. The DPR will cover
  • Benchmarking of global technology status
  • Identification of technology priorities for India and implementation plan
  • R&D target
  • Detailed mapping of Indian capability and gap identification
  • Identification of opportunities foreign collaborations
  • Preparation of project concepts/ call for proposals


Technology Foresight Studies on Electric Mobility

  • Impacts of Electric Mobility: grid impact, materials and resources
  • Rechargeable Energy Storage for Electric Mobility
  • Light weighting electric buses - life cycle impacts, feasibility and infrastructure
Integrated Electric Wheelchair


To develop and define standards/ protocols for mechanical, electrical, electronics and communication interfaces of a multi-functional integrated wheelchair system that

  • Offers provision to operate by means other than joystick, such as sip-n-puff device, hand gesture, voice, hand movement, eyelid movement, brain signal, muscle movement
  • Will have multiple functionality such as sms, phone call, environment control, financial transaction, voting, simple and complex machine controls etc.



Collaborative Automotive R&D (CAR)

TIFAC coordinated Collaborative Automotive Research, an initiative of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, during 2004-2010.The CAR Technology Roadmap was published in March 2006, and subsequently CAR successfully demonstrated the model of collaborative technology development in consortia mode. 11 consortia projects were implemented successfully
  • Hydroforming and Tailor Welded Blanks
  • Process development in Semisolid Forming and Squeeze  Casting of   Aluminium Components for automobile components
  • Low Cost ECU for Engine Management System of Petrol Powered 2/3 Wheelers
  • Acoustic Diagnosis for 2-Wheeler Engine  Assmbly Line
  • Vehicle Tracking and Control System
  • Wi-Fi Based Vehicle Tracking System
  • Low Cost Flexible Automation
  • Electro-magnetic Manufacturing
  • Use of Straight Vegetable Oils in IC Engines
  • Ultracapacitor for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • MEMS Based Electronic Stability Control System for Automotive Applications (Seed Phase)

The concept of the pre-competitive technology development consortia has now been accepted by stakeholder ministries. Following consortia were nucleated by TIFAC and supported by stakeholder ministry

  • Design guidelines for light weight city transit bus (LiteCityBus)’
  • Offline and Realtime Simulator for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


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Head, Technology Foresight for Automotive Research

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