Prof. Pradeep Srivastava, Executive Director

Staff at Office of Executive Director

    Ms. Geeta Nair
    Sh. Ajay Diwakar
    Ms. Mercy James

Technical Cell of Executive Director

    Ms. Jancy Ayyaswamy(Scientist F)
    Sh. Rahul Kumar(Scientist E)

S. No.


Technical Team


Technical Divisions


Technology Assessment and Innovation Management Division

  • TRL Assessment
  • Technology Commercialization /Transfer
  • Innovation Support, etc.
Sh. P. R. Basak, Scientist G (Head)

Ms. Mala

Ms. Mini K

Sh. Mukesh Mathur, Scientist F
Ms. Nirmala Kaushik, Scientist F
Sh. T Selvan, Scientist F
Ms. Jancy Ayyaswamy, Scientist F
Dr. SK Goel, Scientist E
Sh. Rahul Kumar, Scientist E

Technology Foresight Division

  • Technology Foresight
  • Technology Vision
  • Climate Change and related Studies
  • Capacity Building Project

Dr. G. Goswami, Scientist G (Head)

Ms. Anita Nair

Ms. Geeta Rajoria

Sh. Arghya Sardar, Scientist F
Ms. Sangeeta Baksi, Scientist F
Sh. T. Chandrasekhar, Scientist F
Dr. D. Majumdar, Scientist F
Ms. Kavita Tyagi

IPR and related activities including PFC, WOS-C), Technical Cell (TC), International Collaboration, New Proposals

Executive Director (Head)

Ms. Geeta Nair

Sh. Ajay Diwakar

Ms. Mercy James

Ms. Sangeeta Nagar, Scientist F (IPR)
Ms. Jancy Ayyaswamy, Scientist F (TC)
Sh. Rahul Kumar, Scientist E (TC)

Administration and Establishment

4. Administration & Eastablishment Sh. Mukesh Mathur, Scientist F (In-charge Admin & Estb.) Ms. Babita Bose
    Consultant (E&H)

Ms. Poonam Nagpal

Ms. Suja George

Ms. Sreedevi N

    Admin Utilities  

Dr. S. K. Goel, Scientist E

Sh. Mahipal Singh Rawat
    Admin General  
    Sh. T. Chandrasekhar, Scientist F

Sh. Ranbir Singh

Ms. Jyoti Saklani

    Legal Section  
    Sh. Anuj Kishore Saxena, YP Legal  
    Hindi Section  
    Consultant (E&H) Ms. Asha Kumari

Finance and Accounts

5. Finance and Accounts

Ms. Nirmala Kaushik, Scientist F(In-charge Fin. & Accounts)

Ms. Promila Khilnani
    Sh. T Selvan, Scientist F& DDO

Sh. Adarsh Mayya

Sh. Aneesh S

Sh. S. Basu

Sh. Deepak Kumar

Support Functions/Cells/Activities

  Cell Head of the Division   Composition

IT and Communication Cell (IT&CC)

  • Website
  • E-office
  • E-Resources(E-Journals, etc.)
  • E-Subscriptions
  • Media
  • Computer hardware and software management
  • GeM
  • NIC coordination, Internet services, online meeting arrangements.
Ms. Jancy Ayyaswamy, Scientist F

Ms. Indu Vermani

Ms. Shreya Jiwani

Ms. Mini

Sh. Sanjay Sharma

Sh. Mahabharat Singh


Information Management Cell (IMC)

  • Inputs to DST/ other agencies
  • Annual, Quarterly / Monthly Reports
  • Parliament Question
  • RTI
Ms. Sangeeta Baksi, Scientist F Ms. Renu Bali

Library and Publication Cell (LPC)

Dr. D. Majumdar, Scientist F Ms. Kavita Tyagi
  Committee Chairperson Members
9. Standing Purchase Committee Ms. Sangeeta Baksi, Scientist F

In-charge - Publication Cell
Section Lead -Admin(General)/ Admin (Utilities)


Ms. Renu Bali - Secretary

10. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Ms. Sangeeta Nagar, Scientist F

One external Member from Social Sector

Ms. Indu Vermani

Sh. Aneesh Kumar

11. Library Committee Sh. Arghya Sardar, Scientist F

Ms. Jancy Ayyaswamy

Ms. Kavita Tyagi- Secretary


Nodal Officers

S. No. Subject Nodal Officer
1. CPIO Ms. Sangeeta Baksi
2. RTI  Ms. Renu Bali
3. GeM Ms. Indu Vermani
4. LIMBS In-charge (Admin & Estb.)
5. NIC Biometric Attendance In-charge (Admin & Estb.)
6. Swachhta Section Lead Admin (Utilities)


S. No. Location Name
1. ED Office Outsourced / Sh. Ravi Dutt 
2. Accounts Section Sh. Surender Prasad
3. Dispatch Sh. Ravi Dutt
4. Meetings and other Misc. Outsourced(Sh. Shanker)
5. Reception Sh. Shushil Jha
6. Left Wing Outsourced (Sh. Ravi. S)
7. Right Wing Sh. Surender Kumar