The Advanced Composites Programme is a unique of TIFAC to bring about a culture of technology development towards commercialization especially for the technology starved SMEs. The programme has attempted to source the knowledge from various centres of excellence across the country and brought the industries closer for technology absorption, development & dissemination.

The Advanced Composites Programme has been a remarkable exercise and the programme activities have created a significant and measurable impact on composite technology innovations and their applications. This was made possible through forging intensive linkages between academic institutions, national laboratories and industry partners.


The broad objectives are:

  • Improving design capabilities and upgradation of manufacturing facilities of Indian composite industry.
  • Development and commercialization of select composite products.
  • Promotion of composite applications (process industry, transportation, infrastructure, building & construction, bio-medical, off-shore & marine, sports goods etc.)
  • Improving industry-laboratory-academia linkages for technology development and transfer.
  • Providing soft financial assistance to industries on repayable basis for projects on composites technology.

An effective project management and knowledge based project monitoring by experts coupled with market intervention by reaching the user agencies have helped the programme to record its achievements. The user oriented product development approach has immensely helped the industries in expanding their technology capabilities, reducing product development cycle and thus improving market penetration. A basket of products developed successfully under the programme has reached the threshold of commercialization.

Advanced Composites Programme has also focused on setting up special purpose technology development, product design-cum-demonstration centres with specific tasks and targets. Preparation of technology dossiers-cum-training manuals on specific composite fabrication process & products by experts has recently been initiated by the programme.

How to submit a proposal

The Advanced Composites Programme looks forward to collaborate with the industries for development and commercialization of select composite products. The Mission provides soft financial assistance to the industries on repayable basis. The total project cost is shared equally by TIFAC and the industry partner.

The industries are requested to submit a project proposal as per the following format:

1.0 Project title

  • Project objectives and major targets
  • Project duration (in months)
  • Detailed technology description along with process flow-charts/schematic diagram etc. including the comparative advantages/disadvantages over the conventional/emerging technologies along with project economics and demand statistics.
  • Expected benefit of the outcome of the project

2.0 Project implementing agency (name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail etc. of the industry)

  • 2.1 Names of key project persons (designation, address)
  • 2.2 Items specifically committed by the implementing agency for the project (land, building, machinery, manpower, software etc.)

3.0 Technology Partner (R&D Laboratory/Academic Institution/Consultant, if any)

  • 3.1 Names of contact persons with complete address
  • 3.2 Role of the technology partner in the project in detail

4.0 Detailed technical description of the activities with respect to stated objectives and major targets.

5.0 Names of experts in the relevant field (detailed contact addresses)

6.0 Total project budget (machinery/equipment, testing equipment, manpower, raw material, travel, market development expenses, contingencies etc.)

  • Assistance required from TIFAC
  • Please furnish detailed statement showing items to be covered under the scope of each agency.

7.0 Work plan

  • 7.1 Time schedule of the activities (please furnish a bar-chart indicating important activities/milestones and time duration)

8.0 List of existing equipment and other infrastructural facilities

9.0 Environmental impact, if any (please specify proposed control measures)

10.0 Three most important reasons as to why this project be supported ?

11.0 Any other relevant information not covered above.