Upgradation and development of indigenous textile machinery equipments and related components were the objectives. In all fifteen projects were supported.
Initial focus was towards India’s most vibrant textile segment- spinning sector. Developments included high speed comber with 50% higher productivity, Auto-leveler for Card enabling high quality silver product, Twin delivery auto-leveler draw frame for improvement of yarn quality and Improved surface treated rings to enable high speed in ring spinning.

In Post-spinning segment project such as Two for One (TFO) twister for production of ply yarns  and indigenization of components of Automatic Cone Winder are implemented.

TIFAC took up initiatives to develop rapier  shuttleless loom suitable for Indian condition as well as weft accumulator.

The processing stage is the weakest link in the textile industry and the project for developing continuous bleaching range, weft straightener, Indicator for chemical/ liquor pickup by fabric, Dye Exhaust Rate Controller, Cotton Contamination Analyzer and Pilling Tester were undertaken.

TIFAC further initiated a Technology Roadmapping Study on Textile Sector with IIT Delhi. The study involved direct consultations with 60 experts in Industry and Academia, a questionnaire survey of about 150 agencies followed by foresight analysis by six advisory groups. The Roadmap was released in December 2009.