TIFAC has helped in the development of such roadmaps, and is in the process of developing ones for other important industrial segments.

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TIFAC works very closely with the industry, academia and public research laboratories aimed to address specific sectoral problems.

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Patent Facilitation

Patent Facilitation Centre provides patent facilities to scientists and technologists in the country for Indian and Foreign patents on a sustained basis.

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TIFAC is currently the National Member Organization (NMO) of IIASA. TIFAC facilitates participation of Indian Scientists in IIASA’s programs.

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Science-Wience is a digital resource for learners and educators in science, technology, engineering, and allied knowledge. It is a platform for demystifying basic concepts of Science – right from the basic concepts, its history, practical applications to information about frontiers of contemporary knowledge.

Its India’s first web series on popular science in conversational Hindi/Regional Languages. For weekly release, each episode introduces an entire knowledge packaging of the taken up topic. Expanding in content range and depth over a period of time, we will develop an audience which understands science and to make science and knowledge discussion a part of the Indian living rooms. Science Wience doesn’t prepare students for school exams rather it makes their curriculum meaningful and practical. It is designed as an intellect raising exercise in an easy conversational manner. It shall be released on the internet and shall be free for viewing.