Result of Online Examination conducted on September 18, 2021 for Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-C) KIRAN-IPR 12th batch

The following table gives the cut-off marks in each subject area. List of candidates obtained marks above cut-off being called for interview; may be viewed by clicking on subject.

S. No. Subject Name Cut off Marks
1.      Chemistry & Chemical Sciences 36.25
2.      Drugs, Food and Pharma 44.75
3.      Life Sciences & Biotechnology 66.00
4.      Mechanical, Production, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engg, Structural Engg, Construction Engg, Transportation Engg, Materials Science Engg 38.50
5.      Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Biomedical Engineering 35.50
6.      Computers & Information & Communication Technology 39.25
7.      Other Areas (Only Science Related Subjects) 36.25

Interview Dates will be announced soon.

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