Executive Summary

Bamboo can substitute not only wood, but also plastics, steel, cement & other materials in structural and product applications through improvements in processing technologies, product innovation with the application of scientific and engineering skills. The sector has vast potential for generating income and employment, especially in the rural areas. Towards promoting the usage of bamboo into value-added products, the National Mission on Bamboo Applications has been a major initiative by the Govt. of India under the 10th. Plan.

Primary processing of bamboo i.e. cross-cutting, splitting, knot removal, sliver making, strip making and round stick making could be carried out at rural cluster zones. After primary processing of bamboo, a lot of waste is generated. This waste could be effectively converted into value-added products such as activated carbon, charcoal etc.

Efforts are underway for converting bamboo into usable form of energy by gasification. These gases can replace diesel up to 70% for a DG set thus catering to energy needs. The by-products of biomass gasification in the forms of volatiles are rich sources of chemicals. The conversion of bamboo waste into charcoal is also being explored for catering to rural energy needs. To substitute wood, cost effective FRP doors and doorframes have been developed using sandwich composite technology. The low cost technology could be taken up for commercial production particularly in rural areas.

The study covers the technological & economic feasibility for bamboo based materials towards development of their value-added applications. The study has listed out the total no and type of bamboo species available in India and its location specially in north East, assessed the technical capabilities of major institutions/agencies working in the industrial applications of bamboo in North East and detailed out the various products including composites with potential demand in the domestic market for new applications. Various machines/equipment required for bamboo products manufacturing and International standards, reforms , policy changes need are also covered in the report.

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