Executive Summary

This project, with National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, as the lead implementing agency, conducted an assessment of the current status of water resources in the Ur River watershed of Bundelkhand region (Tikamgarh district, MP), and developed an integrated approach of water management linked withthe livelihood issues. The study showcased the utility of S&T interventions at a watershed scale based on the IWRM Principles, which included integral components of participatory research, scenario building, pilot scale demonstrations, and capacity building.

Under the project, climate change scenarios were developedand spatial analysis of crop suitability and agro-ecologically attainable production for different crops was attempted with the help of IIASA Scientists.The overall outcomes of the project can be summarized into three broad sections viz., Watershed Scorecard, Decision Support System (DSS) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plan. A watershed scorecard was developed for the first time in India, which was designed to understand and manage the condition of natural resources in the watershed.

The most important deliverable of the project was IWRM plan of Ur river watershed, which was divided into three major sections: water management, crop management and livelihood management. The IWRM Plan suggests suitable sites for new water harvesting structures, and changes in cropping pattern to utilize the available water resources in a best possible way. Land resource management component suggests best utilization of the available land resource of the area and provide options of improving land use, agricultural productivity, and soil health. It also suggests suitable livelihood options for the local communities.

While preparing the District Agriculture Plan (DAP)/District Irrigation Plan (DIP) for government’s schemes in the districts and DPRs of watershed projects, the district officials need support in terms of scientific inputs. The IWRM Plan intends to support the district administration in water management planning, and for this purpose the plan was submitted to District Collectorate, Tikamgarh.

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