Executive Summary

Sustainable management of natural resources is vital for the socio-political and economic growth of a nation. A strong inter-linkage exists between natural resources, environment and global security. Global concern on the threats caused to natural resourcesand the environment has gained significance since the publication of the Brundtland Commission’s report on sustainable development known as “Our Common Future” by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. Natural resources are under threat due to natural disasters, rapid industrialization, internal and external conflicts etc. The attack on natural resources with malicious intent is among the greatest challenges of the 21st century as it leads to loss of property, political turmoil, destabilization of economy and loss of precious human and animal lives.

The study report has been made with the objective to highlight the significance of managing natural resources in the event of an attack with malicious intent and the technological and policy foresight required as a countermeasure to alert, detect, control and thwart the likely damage to the natural resources. The threats to forest and wildlife resources, agriculture and allied resources, mineral resources, water resources, air and atmosphere and marine resources are covered in this study.

The study has undertaken a vulnerability impact assessment analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of natural resources and environment security dimensions taking into account (i) whether the impact is on global or national scale (ii) ease of access to technology and knowledge (iii) probability of occurrence and (iv) probability of malice. An assessment of existing and emerging technologies and policies has also been carried out to understand the technology and regulatory gaps. Accordingly, a roadmap has been suggested to secure the natural resources and environment from malice.

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