Exucutive Summary

Under the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) of Govt. of India, Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC) & Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE) on behalf of Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and DST have prepared a document on technology databank, identification of critical parameters and classification of technologies based on identified parameters for scientific management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The databank and classification of technologies would provide information on readiness level of technologies along with boundary line conditions to enable local bodies to take informed decisions on suitability of the technology choices.

TIFAC in close consultation with INAE, DST and MOUD (SBM) prepared a questionnaire for collecting relevant information from solution providers on technologies already exploited commercially in India.

Data / information were received from more than 100 agencies who had responded through the online questionnaire in response to advertisement. Towards screening and analyzing and to identify the critical parameters for technology classification, a Committee comprising of stakeholders and domain experts was constituted by TIFAC. Detailed specific information was also sought from agencies, wherever required, in the next round of survey and more details were obtained.

Based on the responses received, the elaborate technical discussions and the critical parameters identified by the committee, the database along with classification have been prepared. This report presents a classification of MSW processing technologies based on the nature and quantity of waste to be handled. The report also provides indicative list of solution providers, their readiness level and capabilities as claimed. However, the report includes the names of only those agencies who have responded to the online questionnaire and the subsequent round of queries. The agencies who had not responded to the advertisement are missed out in the databank.

Based on the information provided by the agencies, the details of the solution providers who have claimed to provide substantial solution to MSW management are given along with the database and technology classification in the report. It is to clarify that the report classifies the commercially available technology options for MSW along with their suitability and critical parameters / boundary line conditions for effective implementation and the purpose of this report is to help the local bodies to take informed decision on suitable technology options. Since the detailed write ups on the unit operations and specifications of the processing technologies are already available in many published literatures both off line and online, the same are not reproduced in this document to avoid repeatability and to keep this document brief. This report however does not, by any means, endorse or certify any particular technology or solution provider and the data collated in the database is purely based on information furnished by the agencies through online survey. It is expected that the information given in this report may be used by the local bodies to take informed decision on technology choices.

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