Executive Summary

The study is quite unique as it brings out an overview of the CCUS technologies which are necessary to meet the climate change mitigation goals, various methods and technologies to remove CO2 from the flue gas and from the atmosphere, the roadmap for implementing CCUS in India, likely projects which could be taken up by India, technical pre-feasibility, understanding for EOR and ECBM etc. Most of the emissions data for petrochemicals and refineries, cement industries, steel industries, etc. are available in the report. Significant developments have taken place in source-sink mapping for CO2-enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Western India and pre-feasibility of CO2-enhanced coal bed methane (ECPM) recovery in Eastern India. A summary of recommendations for the stake holders have been listed as a separate chapter in the report along with the challenges and barriers for implementation of various technologies. The uniqueness of this report lies in its specialized subject matter with focus on the individual category of carbon capture, utilization and storage.

India sees many rapidly evolving, potentially transformative technologies on the horizonPolicy makers and societies would need a clear understanding of how technology might shape the global economy and society over the coming decade. All this technology-driven transformation has been deeply affecting people's lives and will continue to shape the future of life on earth. Combating grand challenges of the century needs robust plans and their implementation through mutual cooperation. Under a strict climatic regime, CCUS will remain one such key strategy to shape a low-carbon, clean and green future.

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