Automated machinery & production system for manufacturing capital equipment for sugar industry

Code No: TMS028 Price: 750 Category: Foods & Agriculture: Sugar Technology

Summary  : Introduces the concept of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, its benefits and the implementation feasibility in Indian environment.
The potential in Cement, Sugar and Fertilizer industries after modernisation by installation of the latest capital equipment is indicated. It projects a comparison of the trends in the automation in the industry in India vis-à-vis the developed countries. It gives information about worldwide experience of introducing automation technologies, with their cost-benefits ad pay-back periods.

Table Of Contents

  • Manufacturing Automation requirements
  • Cement, sugar, fertiliser industries
  • Manufacturing Automation with respect to its relationship with broad area of production technology World/Indian trends and states analyses
  • Assessment of various technologies
  • Feasible options for India
  • Recommended plan of action and agencies involved in monitoring and implementation