Electronic controls for power systems

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Summary  : Techno Market Survey of Distributed Digital Control (DDC) System was conducted across Indian Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants to broadly develop technology related issues, to identify technology gaps between control systems being used in India and in developed countries.
Increasing use of DDC systems in power plants and its technological status in India and abroad is discussed. Incorporation of system has also been discussed briefly.
The various technological gaps observed and the recommendations are given. Also the action plan for bridging technological gaps and implementing agencies.

Table Of Contents : 

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Study objectives
  • Study Methodology
  • Power Scenario in India
  • Demand of control instrumentation in Indian Power Sector
  • Role of instrumentation in Thermal & Nuclear Power plants
  • Evolution of control systems & future trends in power plant automation international scenario
  • DDC systems in Indian nuclear power plants
  • potential requirements of automatic power control system in Indian nuclear reactors
  • Survey results of international DDC/DCS manufacturers
  • Survey results of Indian DDC manufacturers