Performance Materials - Advanced Composites

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Summary  : The detailed market analysis of composites is covered based on Indian and International scenarios. It also identifies emerging technology and application trends for composites.
The composite discussed in detail are polymer matric composites, ceramic matrics, metal matric composites.

Table Of Contents : 

  • Introduction,
  • Application,
  • International Scenario,
  • Demand scenario in India,
  • Supply scenario in India,
  • Raw materials,
  • Research status in India and abroad,
  • Environmental issues,
  • Action Plan, Bibliography.
  • Annexures Comparison of properties of Reinforcing Fibres, Production of composites
  • Flow Chart
  • Summary of Moulding processes
  • RP usage in different types of vehicles in India
  • Advanced Composite Usage in Automotive sector
  • Composite Usage in a Typical Aircraft
  • U.S. Scenario for polymer composites
  • Anticipated usage Trend of different materials in Commercial Aircraft
  • composite usage in Aerospace Applications
  • Evolution in Automotive primary Structures
  • leading producers of Category
  • Composite products in India.