Performance Mateirals - Hi-tech Coating and Surface Engineering

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Summary  : The report addresses the national and international demand scenario, technology gap and also attempts to prescribe an action plan for India.
The processes used for producing Coating and Surface engineering discussed in detail are diffusional treatments, Thin film coatings and Thermal Spray.

Table Of Contents :
Introduction, Applications,
Demand and Supply Scenario in India and abroad,
Raw materials,
Research Status in Indian and abroad, Environmental issues and Action Plan.
Annexures Ion/base material combinations for improved properties using ion implantation,
Improvements in wear lifetime obtained by nitrogen implantation,
Category-wise quantity of steel that is surface treatments/coatings in 1989-90 and 2000,
World production and price trends in ammonia, World prices for argon in 1986,
Specifications of certain raw material,
Coating materials used in thermal spray (Structural applications)