Automation in Production tech. In textile industry (Cotton, Silk, Jute)

Code No: TMS039 Price: 500 Category: Electronics & Instrumentation, Control, Automation, Communication Information: Automation


Summary  : The report discusses the select automation technologies & explains the relevance of these technologies from both qualitative and quantitative aspects ranging from the blow room line to the finishing line: Some important aspects of textile processing including economic factors. The survey can: help for future development and assimilation by the Indian textile industry.

Year of Publication : 1993

Table Of Contents : 

  • Executive Summary
  • Automation Technologies Covered under the Techno
  • Market Survey
  • Raw material upgrading and process boosting by High-performance combining
  • Effective carding ; with pin-type licker-in Automatic curling on cotton on rind spinning frames
  • Automation in blow room line
  • Autolevellers in spinning
  • Possible modernisation at the draw frame stage
  • Automated systems of controlling sizing ratio and for recording relevant data during sizing
  • Choice of shuttleless loom-investa air jetThe use of travelling future)
  • Innovative automation in weaving (Technology for future)
  • Multiphase weaving
  • why and how
  • Heat recuperation and exhaust air purification in textile finishing operations
  • Practical automation in the dye-house
  • Optimisation of textile finishing operations using measuring and control systems

Environmental safe dyeing with the aerodynamic system (Technology for future).