Demand Survey of Ti and downstream products

Code No: TMS040 Price: 1750 Category: Materials & Chemicals: Metals


Summary  : This is a demand survey that evaluates the present status of titanium industry and identifies substitution of the use of other metals by titanium.

Table Of Contents : 

  • Introduction
  • Methodology & Approach
  • Titanium metal features
  • international scenario
  • status in India
  • Field survey findings
  • Techno-Economics aspects
  • Demand projections
  • suggested action plan, tables, figures.
  • Annxures : List of references and bibliography,
  • sample questionnaire,
  • titanium fabricators,
  • enduser industries (fertiliser, chemcials and petrochemicals segment),
  • questionnaire coverage
  • other enduser segments
  • list of Indian organisations contacted
  • list of foreign respondents
  • properties of titanium grades
  • titanium corrosion rate data
  • estimated natural rutile mining capacity
  • world, estimated ilmenited mining capacity
  • world, estimated synthetic rutile production capacity
  • world, titanium dioxide production capacity-world
  • production of Tisponge metal
  • world, estimated Tisponge metal capacity-world
  • Estimated Titaniferrous slag production capacity-world, production of titanium (country wise details)
  • Export of Titanium products (Country wise detials), salient titanium statistics
  • USA, consumption of Titanium products in steel, Imports of titanium metal - USA (By class), Trade in titanium ore / concentrates/metal
  • Federal Republic of Germany, Trade in Titanium Ore/concentrates / metal
  • France-U.K.-Belgium-Luxembourg-Netherlands-Italy, Import of Titanium Ore/ash - Republic of Korea, Export of Titanium Ore/ash - Republic of South Africa.