Ropeways - a technologically beneficially transport option for urban or hill stations

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Summary  : The scope of studies presented is designed to cover the current statue of technology in the world and the country. Details of various methods and approaches used are given – this study was done keeping in mind that the Ropeways be used as a mode for Urban Transportation. Delhi has been taken as a case for detailed analysis, and to illustrate the utilisation of ropeways for urban transportation. The impact of introducing Urban Ropeways systems is given and the economics involved, energy consumed the transportation aspects and the environmental impact is also given.

Table Of Contents : 

  • Recommendations and plan of action
  • Introduction
  • Methodology and approach
  • Ropeways Applications & systems
  • status of Ropeways in India
  • status of a ropeway system design for Delhi
  • Impact of introducing urban Ropeway system
  • References.