Energy saving technologies for FHP motors upto 5 HP

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Taking a conservative population figure as 5 million KW and taking the running time as 4000 hrs/annum, an increase in efficiency form 50% to 60% for say, 20% of the motor population, the saving will work out to around Rs.2000 millions.

12. For the manufacture of any energy efficient motor, the required inputs are:
a) Energy efficient design and technology – this to be imported by a Central Agency and made available to the manufactures.
b) Model : The multiplicity of models to be curbed by standardization for a particular application thereby getting economy of scale.
c) Standards – BIS to devise the Indian Standards to provide for energy efficient motors. The standards should have mandatory applications. Abroad parties produce energy – efficient motors due to fierce competitions. The revised standard should take this into account and specify a higher figure efficiency as the effect of competition for improvement of efficiency is not there.
d) Modern materials necessary for manufacture of energy efficient motors should be produced in the country and made available to the industry.
e) The manufacturing facilities should be updated and modernized to produce the motors comparable in efficiency to those produced abroad.
f) The outlook of the customer should be changed. He should be motivated, persuaded and if necessary, forced to use energy efficient motors in the national interest.