Air pollution control instrumentation

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To implement the recommendations as explained above, the following steps need to be taken :

  • Commercialisation of the instruments developed by various R&D organisations and better coordination between these organisations to avoid duplication of efforts.
    Implementation of international standards in the area of Pollution control instrumentation for standardization of components and subsystems.
    Development of testing and calibration facilities in different parts of the country specifically where there are pockets of small scale units.
    Effective implementation of the preferred options.
    Development of systems and subsystems for ambient air monitoring stations upgradation and expansion.
    Implementation of energy management system based on pollution control instrumentation.
    Development of programmes for manpower development involving the Department of Environment and Pollution Control Boards.
    Removal of anomalies in the Government policies such as the duties of components being higher in few cases as compared to import of total equipment. Also as there are subsidies on installation of pollution control devices, the same should also be applicable for installation of monitoring systems.

The overall impact of the action plan as suggested above will be as follows :

  • reduced dependence on imports and hence saving of foreign exchange
    improved exportability of indigenous instruments
    development of local infrastructure for manufacture
    better utilization of the local R&D facilities existing in the public sector
    better availability of pollution control instrumentation for the industry
    pollution control laws implemented with greater effectiveness
    several organisations would be involved in the implementation of the action plan. Fig 8.1 gives the schematic roles of different organisations and their interrelationship.

This report has been prepared keeping in view the current status of technology in the country and the likely demand for air pollution control instrumentation in India. The action plan as given in the report will have long term impact on the industry making it technologically advanced and developing a suitable export market for the products. To get the desired results it is important that the action plan be implemented at the earliest.