Techno-Market Survey on Adaptation of Irrigation Canals for Navigation ( Transportation)

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Code No: TMS061 Price: 900 Category: Transportation


Summary  : This study deals with adaptation of irrigation canals, assets created at considerable costs as navigable waterways and thereby exploring possibilities of creating transportation capacity in a country on the threshold of major economic changes.


Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Irrigation canal
  • Design principles in India
  • Navigation in canals
  • Major canals
  • Design of irrigation cum Navigation Canals
  • Indira Gandhi, Nehru project and Narmada Canal system
  • Annexures Scope of work for Techno-Market Surveys given byTIFAC, List of institutions,
  • Questionnaire for canal data, List of Experts, Generating the unit costs of IWT vessels, Simulation study, Brief details of Narmada Navigation study.`