Industrial Air Pollution Control Technologies

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Summary  : The scope of studies presented is to cover the current status of the technologies in the world and in the country. It evaluates the economic aspects of the various technologies along with their feasibilities which lead to preferred options and identifying various technologies being used and suggests the suitable technologies.

Year of Publication : 1993

Table Of Contents : 

  • Executive Summary
  • Quick review of international
  • technologies
  • Introduction
  • Indian Scenario
  • Cement Industries
  • Integrated Iron & Steel Mills
  • Thermal Power Systems
  • Aluminium smelters
  • Zinc smelters
  • Copper smelters
  • Foundries
  • World Scenario
  • Tech. From Russia
  • Tech. From Japan
  • tech. From German Cos.
  • tech. From Europe
  • Tech. From Australia
  • Tech from Holland
  • Tech. From Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Status of Air Pollution Control Technologies in India
  • Status of Air Monitoring Equipments in India
  • Equipments selection/options
  • Technologies of source control/clean Technologies
  • By-Products/Reuse
  • Economic/Common Aspects of Air Pollution Control Tech
  • General preconditions/Main Issues/Suggestions/Recommendations/Action Plan
  • Special work of some urban experts
  • References.