Mini-micro hydel power stations

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i). The relationship and the importance of the selected subject of technology to the
broad one to which it belongs.

ii). The current status of the technology in the world and the country.

iii) Assessment of the technology and technology options available to India.

iv) The economic aspects of the technologies alongwith their feasibilities which
leads to the preferred option(s).

v) Impact of the preferred option by itself, its linkages to the broad area of
technology and spin-offs and

vi) Identification of agencies/groups/individuals and suggested action plan.


The hydro generation can be classified as large hydro power stations, small hydro power stations, mini hydro stations and micro hydro stations.

Scope of present study has been limited to development of mini and micro hydel power generation systems, their technological status, and what is needed to upgrade technology, identifying reasons for slow growth of mini-micro hydel power stations, and identification of appropriate technology and how to effectively implement it in most economical manner.


The preliminary literature survey was done from the published literature, i.e. books, periodicals, journals, reports of seminars/workshops etc. to assess present trend of technology on mini/micro hydel systems.

We have contacted various organizations, who are working on this subject. We have prepared a set of questionnaires and sent to these organizations, which include, department of power & Irrigation, Electricity Boards, R&D Organizations, Manufactures of mini/micro equipments, nodal agencies, and Engg. Colleges, etc., as per the list enclosed in Annexure.

Though we have sent questionnaires to State Electricity Boards, the response was not encouraging and they were found reluctant to give required details. We have even deputed our persons for personal discussions to collect the details.

The response from Indian manufacturers was also lukewarm and the complete information was not furnished by them inspite of repeated reminders & personal contacts.
We have also collected information from United Nations and other nearby countries about the developments of mini/micro hydel systems (MMH).                                                                                                                                          Back