Mini-micro hydel power stations

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The chapter on recommendation covers various suggestions which will help in development of MMH power stations and use of technologies some of them are described below:

1. Development of MMH has to be treated as a national measure to provide electricity to people residing to remove areas.

2. Being non polluting renewable source of energy and generating from MMH power stations will meet them less of obstacles.

3. Nation wise assessment should be carried out separately by all states.

4. All canals should be used to generate some power by using low cost equipment at a distance of 1-2 km.

5. All canals to constructed in future should have a provision for MMH power station i.e. instead of continuous drop, a sudden fall at 1-2 km distance would be useful so that these can be harnessed in future.

6. All Central/State organisations, PWD, R&D should help in identifying Micro schemes.

7. All the MMH power stations may have irrigation plant, cost of irrigation development should not be considered as a plant cost for feasibility of a MMH power stations.

8. On canal falls exploitation should be based on entire flow even if they are not continous through out the year.

9. Local people should be involved in implementation and operation of the MMH power stations.

10. Private entrepreneurs should be encouraged to take over construction and running of MINi-Micro Hydel Power Stations.

11. Plants under 100kW should not be Govt. owned to cut down operating cost. They should be maintained by village communities, small businessmen or millers.

12. Plants under one MW should be run by utility district communities but not by the State Government.

13. MMH power stations should not be mini model of large hydro power station.

14. Civil works to be reduced to where minimum use of induction generator has to be promoted.

15. Use of centrifugal pumps as generator should be promoted.

16. The turbine the centre place of a MMH power stations and other components are to be manufactured in simple mechanical work job. Only in this way technical sustainability can be achieved.

17. MMH power stations are to be used in manner to keep a high load factor during the day for agro processing or use direct power which is easier and cheaper and mechanical for lightning night time.

18. Integrated approach for more sustainable development through MMH power stations is needed. This will change:

a. The added value of agro processing industries in the village, income of the village rises and small trade cycle will be created.

b. Village life, light, radio, television will be more active and more attractive reducing the migration and load of cities.

c. Villagers devoting more time in agricultural and productive activity.

19. Creation of research and development scheme oriented towards program objectives of improving the rural condition of life through the increased use of available micro hydro power potential not only by lighting but a possible share of regularly produced components.


While carrying out the study, we have drawn upon the experienced and advise of institutions and individuals who are actively involved in the field of MINI / MICRO HYDEL SYSTEMS. There are so many persons and organizations who have directly or indirectly contributed in the preparation of this Report that it is not possible to acknowledge their contributions individually.