Conservation of energy in agriculture pumping stations

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Summary  : This gives emphasis on the environmental energy and non conventional energy in India and abroad and their uses in Agricultural field. It details the agricultural pumping systems (i.e. components in pumpsets with electric and diesel motors), pumping set installation, and trouble shooting and existing defects in agricultural pumping system.
It also gives the economic energy saving estimates of agricultural pumping systems and use of non conventional energy in agriculture.



Table Of Contents :

  • Executive Summary
  • Energy Scenario
  • Status of Indian pump industry and pumping system
  • Components of agricultural pumping system
  • Electric motors and accessories for pumps
  • Pumpset installation and trouble shooting
  • Diesel engine in agricultural pumping systems
  • Existing defects and their rectifications
  • Economic and energy saving estimates
  • Non-conventional energy sources in agricultural pumping systems
  • Recommendations Appendices.