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Automotive Electronics’ has been an active subject over the past 2 decades. In the late 80’s Indian automobile industry gathered new impetus due to introduction of several new models of LCV’s & 2 wheelers. The impact of the presence of automobiles on road was being felt by driver & passengers and pedestrians on & along the roads. An automobiles provides comfort to the former but on the other side latter category is subjected to the health hazards due to emission of obnoxious fumes and accidents. Technological developments, till date have been for improvement of fuel efficiency, comfort, safety & reduction in exhaust emissions.

Enough concern is now being expressed against the pollution caused by fumes emitted by vehicles. Due to fumes & particulates, number of persons who inhale them suffer diseases related to throat, lungs, eyes etc. In addressing this problem ‘Automotive Electronics’ can play a very effective role. On-board electronics & off-board electronics, if implemented effectively, can bring down the emission levels by 85 to 90%. As the applications of electronics in automobile & transportation sector are wide, this report specifically aims at ‘on-board Electronics’ (i.e. those within the automobile).                         Back