Surface water harvesting and recharging of aquifers

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1. Scope and Coverage

The scope and objective of the study is to address the following aspects I the context of the topic of the study.

i) Relationship and the importance of the specific topic, to the broad area to which it belongs.

ii) The current status of the technology in the world and in the country. Market (domestic /export) sizes and their potentials.

iii) Assessment of the technology, resource parameters such as energy, raw material, infrastructure and manpower etc. to arrive at preferred technology options available in the country.

iv) Short term and long term economic aspects of preferred options along with their feasibilities.

v) Impact of the preferred options by itself and its spin-offs.

vi) Recommendations:

a) For implementation of preferred technology options-identifying critical inputs such as raw materials, capital goods and human resources required and their availability, investments required to commercialize, and benefits/returns expected.

b) For R&D / Technology development-identifying the requirements of inputs and expected benefits.

vii) Action Plan for implementation of recommendations along with identification of:

a) List of available technologies for Indian industry and,
b) The agencies/groups/individuals for implementation.

viii) Expected impact of recommendations, if implemented.

2. Methodology

The methodology adopted for the study the following steps:

i) In-depth literature survey was undertaken. The references and bibliography are given at the end of the report.

ii) International databases were searched for latest developments and their adoption.

iii) Number of agencies were contacted/surveyed. It covers academic institutes, R&D agencies, government bodies, industry, etc. list of agencies contacted during the study is appended to the report. The information has been gathered through:

- Open ended questionnaires.
- Personal interviews
- Literature requests.
- Brain storming etc.

iv) The information thus gathered was processed, analyzed and complied under various sub-heads.

v) Findings were discussed with the experts and additional/missing information was gathered through another round of survey.

vi) Draft report has been discussed with the experts.                                                                                               Back