Market Survey for demand of temperature sensitive paints & labels

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Commercial Availability in India

Irreversible temperature sensitive paints for "autoclave applications" are being manufactured in the country by following three companies.

(No information received from the company, in spite of two reminders)

  Johnson & Johnson, Bombay
  Chempack Industries, Pune.
  Anabond Pvt. Ltd., Madras

Chempack Industries supplies these stocks in the packings of 100 and 1000 labels. Each label is provided with an upper half with green colour and lower half blank to write the details like ward no., theatre no., drum no., etc. when autoclave cycle is completed (1200C), the green portion of the strip will turn to black / grey colour.

The current market price is :


Rs.30/- for 100 lable packing.


Rs.190/- for 1000 lable packing. (Government rate contract)


Rs.250/- for 1000 label packing for market.

It is learnt that Johnson & Johnson are marketing their labels @Rs.275/- for 500 pcs.

A copy of Chempack Industries literature for "Autosignal" – autoclave labels is given in Appendix –II. It is understood that these are being directly supplied by the manufacturer to about 50 hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Besides, the product is being sold throughout the country, through a network of dealiers / distributors.

Anabond (P) Ltd. Offers two products for temperature measurement, the chromopens and the pyrodots (Appendix –III).

Chromopens are color changing crayons to monitor surface temperatures. When marked onto any surface, the color of the mark changes to a predetermined color, when the surface attains the rated temperature. For example, green color crayon changes to blue at 850C. Chromopens are available from 750C to 4750C in convenient intervals with an accuracy ± 20C. They are available in a box containing 12 crayons for specific for specific temperature.

Pyrodots are self adhesive temperature monitoring labels. When stuck onto any surface, the indicating circle turns black irreversibly at the rated temperature. The heat sensitive element is protyected through encapsulation and hernce, can be used in solvent, acidc, ammonia, and vapour environments. Pyrodots are suitable for measuring temperatures from 480C to 2500C and in places, where prolonged heating is encountered. Pyrodots are available in standard packs of 10 stickers, each sticker containing 4 dots of different temperatures. Retail price of one pack of pyrodots is around Rs.12/- .

Temperature sensitive labels for lower temperature ranges, including sub-zero temperatures, have not been manufactured in India so far. However, imported labels are available through the following channels:

  3M labels, through their authorized dealer at Bangalore and also through WHO office at Delhi.

Limited quantities of irreversible temperature sensitive labels (with time delay) being supplied by WHO to vaccine manufacturers are being used by putting in one label per big packing of vaccines. No label is being put in the smaller / individual packs. Some quantities of these labels are also imported by some of the users.

The supplies made by WHO are free of cost. Additional quantity of labels can be had @US$5 per label, which is too expensive for Indian market. Thus, the vaccine manufacturers try to manage labels with free supplies only. 3M literature is given in Appendix –IV.

  Themax thermometer strips manufactured by thermographic Measurements Ltd., UK, are available for temperature range of 290C. Through their dealer M/s. Gomas Systems & Controls (P) Ltd., Bangalore. Thermometer literature is given in Appendix –V.
  Temperature sensitive labels manufactured by the following manufacturers are also available either through direct orders or through a handful of dealers in the market.
  WAHL Industries, C.A., USA.
  Thermo-indicator Co. California, USA.
  Merck, Germany.
  Big Three Industries (Tempil Division), New Jersey, USA
  A.W. Faber-Castell, Stein Bill Nilberg, FRG (It is learnt that they have stopped the manufacture of temperature sensitive paints / labels. However, no information has been received directly from the company).