Market Survey for demand of temperature sensitive paints & labels

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Applications of Temperature Sensitive Paints / Labels


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Temperature sensitive paints have a number of potential applications in health care and pharmaceutical industry. These applications are for:

  Storage and transportation of vaccine, drugs and vitamin preparations etc. (for medical and veterinary applications).
  Sterilization of bottles, containers etc. in manufacturing units.
  Sterilization of instruments, equipments and supplies etc. in hospitals / nursing homes etc.
  Patients’ temperature measurement.

Considering the storage temperatures recommended in pharmacopoeia following application groups can be made for the temperature sensitive paints / labels.


200c to 20C for bulk storage of vaccines except liquid vaccines / antiseras (Oral Polia, Measles, etc.).


+20C to +80C for liquid vaccines / antiseras (DPT/DT/TT/BCG etc.)


100C to 200C for freeze dried preparations etc.


Below 300C for Syrups, Capsules, Ointments, tablets etc.

The market potential (1990-91) for temperature sensitive paints / labels has been arrived at as per the details in Annexure –IV. The potential of 500 kl valued Rs.500 million is based on the production target of drugs / pharmaceuticals for the year 1990-91, as the actual production figures are not yet available.

The broad estimates made by the experts during primary survey, for 1993-94 production level of monitored bulk drugs and expected level of production during 1995-96 are given in Annexrue –V. The corresponding demand for temperature sensitive labels is given in Annexure –VI. Assuming 8% annual growth, the expected demand of T.S.L. would grow to Rs.540 million by 2000 AD.

Based on the projections of veterinary vaccines and biological for 1994-95 and 1999-2000, the expected demand for temperature sensitive paints & labels for this segment works out to around 4000 litre (rs.4 million) for 1994-95 and 79301 (Rs.7.9 Million) for 1999-2000. For details, refer Annexure –XIV).

The estimated potential market in 1990-91, 1992-93, 1995-96 and 1999-2000 for temperature sensitive paints is calculated in Annexure IV. The estimated market potentials for 1995-96 & 1999-2000 are Rs.321 million and Rs.440 million respectively.

The estimated market demand potential of temperature sensitive paints / labels, sterilization of instruments and supplies etc. is Rs.523.40 million for 1994 (for details see Annexure –XVI).

The projected market potential for 1995 and 2000 are 565.27 million and 830 million respectively (Annexure –XVI).

Human temperature measurement :

The broad estimates and calculations (Annexure –XVIII) shows us the following estimated demand scenario.


No. of labels



(Rs., million)