Techno-Market Survey on Flyash Bricks

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Table Of Contents : Introduction- Fly ash: the problem, Size of the problem, What is fly ash, Current fly ash disposal practices and effects, Fly ash: a resource; Properties of Flyash- Relevance of properties of fly ash, Factors determing the properties of fly ash, Characteristics of fly ash, Physical characteristics, Factors to improve fly ash quality; Utilization of fly ash- Fly ash utilization, Fly ash application in agriculture, High value utilization of fly ash, Medium value utilizaion of fly ash, Low value utilization of fly ash; Fly ash in Building and Construction- Portland-pozzolana fly ash cement (pfc), Ready-mixed fly ash concrete, Lime-fly ash concrete, Fly ash-lime gypsum cement, Lean cement-fly ash concrete, Sintered fly ash lightweight aggregate, Fly ash-portland cement clinker, Lime-fly ash cellular concrete, Fly ash aggregate, Fly ash bricks and pre-cast blocks; Fly ash Bricks- Fly ash bricks: technology, grouping, Clay fly ash bricks, Fly ash red mud bricks, Sand fly ash bricks, Fly ash – lime bricks, Fly ash-lime-gypsum bricks, Other countries status, Lime fly ash cellular concrete blocks, Concrete building blocks with fly ash admisture, Constraints in the manufacture of fly ash bricks; Case studies, Economic details and Evaluation of technologies-Clay fly ash bricks, Sand fly ash lime bricks, Fly ash lime bricks, Fly ash lime gypsum bricks, Utilization of fly ash in various works in neyveli, Economics of manufacturing lime: fly ash cellular concrete blocks using CBRI process, Some recent initiatives undertaken by government departments for promoting fly ash utilization; Radiation effects of fly ash in construction- Coal, fly ash and radioactivity, Findings in India, Conclusions; Conclusions and recommendations & action plan - Conclusions , Recommendations & action plan, Impact; Glossary; References; Keywords