Technologies to minimise grain storage loss

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Title  : Technologies to minimise grain storage loss



The objectives & scope of Techno-Market-Survey on Grain Storage Losses have been outlined. Difficulties & problems in the way of increasing food grains availability, problems & prospects of grain storage, causes of storage losses and their estimation organizations which store food grains at national level, loss reduction technologies; rodent control techniques; storage structures for bag and bulk storage have been briefly described.
Assessment and various technological options, economics of different storage structures, cost benefit ration of improved storage metal bins, measures to reduce grain storage losses in large scale and small scale (Farm level) storage; new approaches such as the use of inert gases-CO2 and Nitrogen; new technique of using phosphine gas; use of vaccum technology in Butyl Rubber “Silos” to be prepared at storage site and action plan for implementation of recommended technological options have been briefly described as also the expected impact of recommendations.                                                                                                                                             Back