Driving Forces - Impedances : Technology Vision 2020

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B. Infrastructure:

1. Empower villages to support large Business Districts the way cities do by
a. establishing a dedicated transport corridor linking together loops of villages;
b. running frequent and fast transport services round each loop.
2. Ensure abundant water supply by harvesting rainwater and re-using it four times:
a. as potable water,
b. for flushing toilets,
c. for operating biodigesters and
d. for irrigating energy farms.

C. Technology:

1. Have Technology Product Missions for all major products with Department of Science and Technology acting (a) as facilitator and financial contributor to
technology development, and
(b) as a force to bring together research engineers, manufacturers and venture capitalists.
2. Legislate a suitable scheme for “sweat capital”.
3. Institute an insurance system to help induct new technology products into the market.
4. Establish a system of Technology Watch and a national digital database for patents and other industrial product information.
5. Separate scientific careers from administrative careers with attractive opportunities for contract appointments on deputation. Technology Missions The fields which are commercially the most significant are not necessarily in the most glamorous branches of technology. Given below are areas of technology which the country needs badly, and where technology missions will have the greatest social impact.
1. Ensuring rural connectivity comparable to what medium sized cities enjoy.
2. Harvesting of rainfall and multiple re-use of water.
3. Domestic fuel.
4. Electrical vehicles.
5.Building materials
6. Computer literacy and learning technical English.
7. Internet connectivity to all schools.
8. National digital library.

Vision 2020: Impednces and Driving Forces
xii In brief, an attempt has been made to identify the manner Impedances come in the way
of progress, and to devise infrastructure, education and technology as effective Driving
Forces for rapid need-based economic progress of a socially just society.