Engineering Industries: Technology Vision 2020

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Vision for Capital Goods Industry:

Capital Goods Industries will witness an average growth rate of 12-15%.
India will capitalise on the shifting of foundry and forging activities from developed countries and technological upgradation will take place to meet global demands.

This will be visible by 2000. This will include high pressure moulding line, no bake process, chemical bonding of sand, mechanisation of fettling, austempered SG, ductile iron, CAD, dust fume extraction etc.

This will be visible by 2000. India will become the 5th largest producer of machine tools in the world by 2000. By 2010, 60% of the machine tools produced will be CNC. By 2020, 80% of the machine tools produced will be CNC. By 2000-2005 Indian industries will go in for FMS, AI appplications, processing using laser, waterjet etc, cold forming/extrusion, near net shape manufacturing, high speed machinng, intelligent manufacturing using ssensors, continuous forming, reduced set-up times, virtual reality applications, hard machining etc. Boiler designs for many alternate fuels will be available by 2005. Fluidized bed combustion technology will be in wide use by 2000-2005.

By 2000-2005 technological upgradation covering materials design, manufacturing, quality, reliability, packaging, marketing and servicing will take place.

These will include new materials, CAD/CAM/FMS, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, R&D in new materials, modular design, casting and forging, machatronics, precision manufacturing, automation and environmental issues. Design and development of high precision machine tools, high speed spindles, linear motor slides diamond turning machines will also come up. India will become a net exporter of technologies by 2010.