Irreversible Temperature Sensitive Paints & Labels for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Summary : Technical specifications are drawn for irreversible temperature indicator for evaluation of the loss of potency of drugs due to exposure to higher temperatures than allowable.
Possible types of indicators with required temperature and time characteristics are matched with end user’s requirements of either as a decision making tool or a monitoring tool.
Technologies & materials available in India for temperature sensitive paints and labels for pharmaceutical applications and published options are surveyed.
Taking into account the technology status in the country promising options are presented. The present status for their production is reviewed.
For those options which have yet to reach the production stage, investigations that need to be carried out are pointed out, as well as actions required for detailed evolution of parameters which are identified and suitability of the promising actions and improving the availability of temperature sensitive devices at reasonable costs.

Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Technology economy and the other aspects desired by the end users
  • Requirements of ideal indicators and types possible
  • published options
  • Promising options their status assessment of suitability of use in Drug industry
  • likely impact on use of promising option and further investigations required
  • Action considered necessary for introduction of promising options.