Energy - biomass production/ utilisation for power/gas generation

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Summary : Major biomass resources available in India and their potential for utilisation are analysed.
The future requirement as well as the biomass resources are identified taking into account biomass programme of Government of India.
Present utilisation of biomass resources for the purpose of energy generation and major installations for the production/utilisation are enumerated.
Major facilities for the manufacture of equipments for gasifiers, biomass engines and plants have been detailed. The research and development activities carried out in the country and what more need to be carried out is indicated.
The feasibility and economy aspects of various technological options available for utilisation of biomass and production of energy are evaluated and preferred options are short listed.
The impact of these options are highlighted and forecast for the next 10 years are worked out in detail.

Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Present status of energy biomass production/utilisation technologies and technological developments in India and abroad
  • selected sub-sets of technologies and technology assessment: biogas, biomass gasification
  • Techno-Market Survey findings
  • Technological option for India
  • Forecast, Impact of preferre options
  • Suggested Action Plans.


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