Packaging Technologies

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Summary : The systems, materials and technologies are identified as per packaging requirements of product groups. The consumption pattern of packaging materials, both traditional and emerging is given with respect to end-use sectors. For various materials and in forms needed for packages the technology has been identified and status of the manufacturing capacity is given. The manufacturing infrastructure is assessed with respect to material availability status, processing sectors capacity and plant and machinery supply capability. The existing technologies in use for various product categories are listed along with new technologies, which are taking over. The preferred packaging options have been worked out using weightage for various parameters like marketing, technical, commercial and economical. The availability and details of packaging accessories which include printing machines of four colours and machines for labelling, adhesives for lamination is presented. The new emerging technologies have been identified and preferred options for packaging of major product groups have been worked out and is tabulated. The market potential for the preferred option with and without existing barriers is assessed.


Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Packaging product profile
  • Current packaging market
  • Current packaging technology status in India
  • Current supporting infrastructure
  • Current problem areas
  • Packaging technologies: its evaluation/relevance
  • Demand for traditional, new and emerging technologies
  • Expected future infrastructure support and gaps
  • Recommended action plan. The report is supported by 22 annexures which are the findings of the primary and secondary surveys. One of the annexures gives a very extensive product packaging profile.