Industrial Raw Water Treatment

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Summary : Typical impurities with their origin in raw water is enumerated along with their properties which will prevent their use. The methods used for purification and removal of various types of impurities are listed with acceptable levels that have to be satisfied.
Major physical, chemical and biological treatment unit operations and processes used for water treatment with their principal applications are listed. Flow charts for removal of specific impurities using required application technology of water treatment are given.
Status of water desalination technology in India and worldwide is given with operational parameters involved. The economics of operation of major desalination methods are given and also the preferred choice also depends upon the rate at which desalination is to take place. The critical components which have to be developed indigenously are identified.

Table Of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Findings are recommendations technology gaps
  • Methodology
  • Water Treatment, an overview
  • water treatment
  • water desalination
  •  perceived problems with existing technology
  • key issues for further development/recommendations.


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