Industrial Waste Water Treatment

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Summary : The latest technologies used in treatment of industrial waste water vis-à-vis the prevailing technologies in India are analysed.
Few major industries which generate effluents in very large quantities are identified along with the pollutants which need to be treated. The effluent treatments by industries viz. oil refineries, petrochemicals, fertilisers, paper and pulp, textiles, caustic soda, sugar, tanneries and distilleries are reviewed in great detail.
The report covers latest technological developments which have been incorporated with foreign collaboration. The cost effectiveness of some current methods practised elsewhere are examined. The preferred options for various effluent treatment are given. The methods of recycling as well as recovery waste water for various industries are identified and economics are discussed.

Table Of Contents :
  • Introduction
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technologies
  • Technological and Economic / Commercial Evaluation
  • Standards/Suggestions/Government Incentives/Technology
  • Status in India – Suggested Action plan
  • Conclusions. Lists of Water Pollution Monitoring Instruments, Techniques Used for Analysis in Laboratory, Equipments used for Water pollution Control, Water Pollution Control Devices, Coastal Water Monitoring Instruments
  • Lists of various organisations , Associations, Institutions, Books and Experts referred/contacted
  • Appendix.


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